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Well, this journal isn't strictly friends-only, but I'd say about 95% of my entries are friend-locked. I don't want you to think I never post. I only hardly ever post.



Because my brain can't take anymore from Derrida and Deconstruction, I thought I'd post something light.

Boys I Want on Me (in no particular order):

Gerard Butler

Daniel Craig

Zac Efron

Ewan McGregor

Jude Law

Joseph Fiennes

Ralph Fiennes

Tyson Ritter

Michael C. Hall

Patrick Wilson

Cillian Murphy

Christian Bale

Daniel Day Lewis

Bruce Willis

Paul Newman (Yeah, I know :( )

Getting paid the big bucks rocks.

Yay! I bought myself a paid account! Joy! :)

Now I can edit my mistakes in comments rather than look silly! YAY!



DEAR GOD. That poor woman has a thigh for her torso!

I wanna be next to you...black and gold....

Yay! I've read four books since I've been home. I've been so lame about reading lately. I just finished A Certain Slant of Light a few minutes ago and it was lovely! I read a lot of YA though, which I thought I wouldn't like. I don't really get what distinguishes a YA novel with an adult novel. The themes in this book were fairly mature, I thought. It was interesting.

MUST write tonight. MUST. NO if, ands, or buts....

Suppose I never ever saw you...

This song kicks so much ass. I've been listening to it non-stop.

Fidelity Remix - Regina Spektor

Dear God: Kill me now.

The writing lab is super chaotic today! I was hoping it would be slow today so I could run and get breakfast and work on my article critique. That's what I get for waiting until the day it's due to turn it in. :/

It was so nice not having anything to do for awhile that now it feels weird to be writing academically again.

Oh god, I'm starving! I need change for the five that I have.

Gonna go ask around. Hopefully, my next post will be on a full stomach.


Something weird is going on in my brain when I'm sleeping. It started a week or so ago when I was dreaming that I was working in the writing lab. When I do actually work there I often sit down and then when someone asks for my help I get up and go over to them.

So I'm sleeping and then I actually get up out of my bed and walk over to my desk. It doesn't hit me that there's no one there, that it was in my dream that people were asking for my help, until finally I kind of snap out of it and go back to bed. I do it again a few hours later.

So, yeah. I think that's weird, but whatever.

It's happened to me at least five more times since then. After that I think I remember sitting up in bed because I'm at practice and I feel like I need to be awake.

Then when we're in Missouri for a volleyball trip I remember putting my glasses on for some reason and then taking them off. Jeanne, who was sleeping in my hotel room, told me the next day that she saw me do it but doesn't know why.

So last night was definitely the weirdest. I woke up several times thinking that I was at volleyball practice and that the head coach was getting mad at me for sleeping when I should have been running drills. So I guess he asks me to throw a ball in the drill and so I take my pillow, and I'm looking at my empty bedroom in the darkness. Part of my brain is thinking, okay, how are they going to play a pillow when there's no one in the room, and the other part is thinking that they're all looking at me and waiting for me to throw a volleyball.

So I throw it on the floor; I raise it above my head like I would with a volleyball and chunk it into the middle of the room and it hits my volleyball bag. The sound kind of snaps me out of it, so I get out of bed and get my pillow.

That's all I can remember. I might have done some other things.

I DO remember both of my arms falling asleep (not sure how they both fell asleep, but whatever...stranger things have happened, right? haha) and when I went to move, I couldn't feel my arms and one of my hands hit me in the face. :/

That was the strangest night I have ever had.

But I'm wondering why I keep doing that half-awake/half-sleeping thing? I've had volleyball dreams before in high school when I would sit up in bed because I was thinking, "I'm at volleyball practice. I can't sleep or Coach is going to be pissed." But that's all I did. I would only sit up in bed. Now I'm getting out of bed and throwing pillows around like their volleyballs.

I'm getting kind of worried about it actually. Maybe I should see a sleep doctor?


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